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Inter Cars SA to największy dystrybutor części zamiennych do samochodów osobowych, dostawczych i ciężarowych w Europie Środkowo – Wschodniej. Oferta spółki obejmuje również wyposażenie warsztatowe, w szczególności urządzenia do obsługi i naprawy samochodów oraz części do motocykli i tuningu.

Triumph of knowledge and experience

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Triumph of knowledge and experience

Master Mechanics of 2017 became Mariusz Szewczyk and Krzysztof Romańczyk, who won with over 2 thousand other contestants in this year’s edition of the contest organized by Inter Cars. The grand finale took place during the 16th Exhibition Fair of Spare Parts, Tools and Garage Equipment.

Master Mechanic programme is for employees of garages a possibility of checking their knowledge and skills. Over 2k people took part in this year’s edition of the contest – said Radosław Sujka, Training Manager at Inter Cars.

There were 10 contestants representing the passenger car garages and also 10 mechanics representing garages repairing trucks and HD vehicles in the Master Mechanic finale, held during the 16th EXPO Inter Cars S.A. at the commons of the PGE National. They are the best of the best, who won with over 2 thousand other contestants in the first stage of the competition. On the 23rd of September they covered hundreds kilometres to fight for victory and prestigious title of Master Mechanic.

– Each participant had 5 tasks to go through. At first they had to answer a set of contest questions, multiple choice type, prepared by Inter Cars Training Department. After that, five best contestants from each category were promoted to another stage of competition, where they had to face practical tasks, prepared on the booths of suppliers – partners of the programme – said Marek Sosnowski, Training Project Coordinator at Inter Cars.

Inter Cars Training Department and partners of the contest – Bosch, Elring, Schaeffler, Febi Bilstein, Motoremo, Bosal, Mahle, Q-Service Truck – ZF Services Partner and Knorr-Bremse – did their best when preparing the contest tasks. They prepared tasks on the most modern knowledge in the area of mechanics, innovative solutions, which are very often a result of work of manufacturer teams. Participation of partners was also a warranty of high quality and a chance for promoting knowledge about the most modern and recent repair procedures, diagnostics and repair products.

The complexity of realization of the finale tasks was increased by the fact that the contestants had to face them in front of crowds of spectators. But it was not the stage fright, but knowledge, skills and experience that made the triumph.

– All the participants presented very high level of theoretical knowledge and also practical skills. Opinions of our partners confirm our point of view. One could clearly see that only the best mechanics in Poland qualified to the finale – added M. Sosnowski.

Elite of Polish mechanics
Finally in passenger market segment Mariusz Szewczyk from Moto Service Worwa in Nowy Targ turned out to be the best. The second place was taken by Paweł Smoliński from SP Service, and the third one – Łukasz Bogus from Auto-Bogus.
– It was not easy and nothing was sure till the very end, as really the elite of mechanics were competing here. Theoretical test was difficult, so I am even happier that I managed to qualify to the finale. Regarding practical tasks, here we met mostly all that cases that we have to face in our daily work – commented Mariusz Szewczyk, Master Mechanic in PKW category.
– Today’s victory is a result of many years of hard work. I am really happy that he won the first prize in the contest, where 2k other mechanics were competing with him – said Łukasz Worwa, co-owner of Moto Service Worwa.

In LKW market the winner is Krzysztof Romańczyk from Truck Partner Sp. z o.o. He is an irrefutable winner of Master Mechanic programme, who has won it already for the third time.

– The level of the programme is getting higher and higher. During the finale, the most difficult for me was the test in theoretical part – difficult questions from pneumatics and EBS. In the practical part a difficult task was the one prepared by Knorr-Bremse – said Krzysztof Romańczyk, Master Mechanic LKW market.
– The whole company and the board are proud of Krzysztof’s achievements. He is an employee who practically started with us, when we talk about repairing trucks. He has been working for us for almost 20 years now, and became the manager of the service not with no reason. Everyday practice and regular trainings bring results in the form of such high achievements – said Aleksander Borek, director of Truck Partner.

Second place was taken by Marcin Filipczyk from Mechmar service, and the third one by Dawid Ziętek, representing Warsztat Samochodowy Andrzej Kapuśniak.

Attractive rewards
The winners of Master Mechanic received from Inter Cars and partners of the programme attractive rewards. They were given to top three participants in each category, but also to garages that they represented. Mechanics were given Sodexo cards worth PLN 6k, 3k and 1.5k respectively. Whilst the garages the PKW market winners work for were given:
• for the 1st place – purchase voucher for buying goods from Inter Cars product range, worth PLN 12 thousand and a mobile suspension tester sponsored by its manufacturer, Febi Bilstein Company,
• for the 2nd place – purchase voucher for buying goods from Inter Cars product range, worth PLN 6 thousand and a professional battery tester Bosch BAT 131 and professional battery charger Bosch, sponsored by the main sponsor of the contest, Bosch Company,
• for the 3rd place – purchase voucher worth PLN 3 thousand and a professional industrial vacuum cleaner sponsored by Bosch.
Whilst LKW garages in which the best mechanics work were given:
• for the 1st place – purchase voucher for buying goods from Inter Cars product range, worth PLN 12 thousand and a double invitation for full training programme delivered by Knorr-Bremse, sponsored by Knorr-Bremse Company,
• for the 2nd place – purchase voucher for buying goods from Inter Cars product range, worth PLN 6 thousand and an innovative wheel disassembly tool Febi, sponsored by the manufacturer – Febi Bilstein Company,
• for the 3rd place – purchase voucher worth PLN 3 thousand and also an invitation for one person to a training „Electronic brake systems of trailers/semi-trailers (TEBS)” and „Trailer/semi-trailer electronic suspension systems (Knorr-Bremse iLvl)” sponsored by Knorr- Bremse Company and a high-pressure washer Bosch, sponsored by Bosch Company.

Advantages for mechanics and garages
Despite the fact that constantly growing number of Master Mechanic contestants is the best proof of the fact that one does not need to be convinced too much to take part in it – for those who are still hesitating we would like to remind that there are not only rewards for the mechanics themselves, but also numerous rewards for their employers.
– One needs to attend trainings and supplement one’s knowledge. The technology is constantly going forward, and we need to be up-to-date. Besides taking part in the Master Mechanic, I regularly take part in Inter Cars and manufacturer trainings. This is really helpful – says K. Romańczyk.
– This year three of our employees took part in the programme. Younger colleagues fought well, but did not qualify to the finale. But nevertheless I am sure that we can only gain from this, as on the basis of their results we can easily match suitable trainings for them. As a garage we do appreciate this function of Master Mechanic, which is audit of knowledge of our employees – noticed A. Borek, director of Truck Partner garage.
– Participation in such programmes as Master Mechanic is very important for us and our employees. Every initiative like this increases prestige of a garage. We are trying to make our employees to take part in such contests and also in trainings in order to keep developing. This profession requires constant development – emphasised Ł. Worwa, co-owner of Moto Service Worwa.

What is important, despite the fact that the finale of Master Mechanic programme has already taken place; the platform www.mastermechanik.pl is still active and is a place of assessment of competences of the mechanics, diagnosis of training needs and obtaining knowledge on-line.
– Together with 16th Expo of Inter Cars. and numerous international meetings we took a decision on providing the platform – tests and content related know-how to all the mechanics in Europe. Its contents shall be translated and materials gained from our partners will be added also in English version. Thanks to this the Master Mechanic programme shall become an international project – said Radosław Sujka, Inter Cars Training Manager.

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