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Inter Cars SA to największy dystrybutor części zamiennych do samochodów osobowych, dostawczych i ciężarowych w Europie Środkowo – Wschodniej. Oferta spółki obejmuje również wyposażenie warsztatowe, w szczególności urządzenia do obsługi i naprawy samochodów oraz części do motocykli i tuningu.
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Employees and visitors from Warsaw are strongly recommended to leave their cars at home. Very limited parking space and traffic problems in Warsaw will surely make it very difficult to find a parking place in the area of the National Stadium. On Saturday evening there will be a concert and lots of people will be trying to reach the event at the same time. We using the public transport (underground, tram, bus, SKM and KM).

Your car can be parked at the parking places in one of Park+Ride areas close to railway and underground stations. Parking locations and terms of using them can be found at ZTM website.

IMPORTANT! We do not recommend using the Park+Ride PGE National Stadium. During the Expo it will be practically unavailable.

Bus parking

Branch coaches, after delivering the guests to the Stadium, will be obliged to drive away to designated parking areas. At an agreed time, the coaches will drive back to the Stadium to get their passengers.

IMPORTANT! Using Park+Ride and public transport is on the terms and conditions of ZTM.

IMPORTANT! Inter Cars SA does not participate in the cost and does not help in purchasing tickets and parking places.

Entrance for the customers from Sokola and Siwca streets, gate A and C. From Washington roundabout it is possible to enter through entrance B. For the Saturday Concert the entrances will be listed on the tickets.

Like each year, each branch of the Company is organizing transportation of its Customers. More information on this topic to be found in your Inter Cars Branches or from Sales Representatives.

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