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Inter Cars SA to największy dystrybutor części zamiennych do samochodów osobowych, dostawczych i ciężarowych w Europie Środkowo – Wschodniej. Oferta spółki obejmuje również wyposażenie warsztatowe, w szczególności urządzenia do obsługi i naprawy samochodów oraz części do motocykli i tuningu.

Industry leader is aiming high

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Industry leader is aiming high

Keeping the leading position on the market, further expansion on foreign markets, entering new markets and development of the existing ones – such aspects were discussed by the Board of Inter Cars during a press conference opening the 16th Exhibition Fair of Spare Parts, Tools and Garage Equipment.

Traditionally the Expo of Inter Cars S.A. started with a press conference, which this year was conducted in the form of a panel discussion. Thanks to such a formula all the parties – representatives of Inter Cars and exhibitors and media – had a possibility of discussing not only about current situation of the company, but also about forecast of the industry and current trends for upcoming years.
Moderator of the discussion was Radosław Grześkowiak, President of Inter Cars Marketing Services, Advertising and Marketing Director of Inter Cars. The following replied the questions of the public: Maciej Oleksowicz, President of the Board of Inter Cars, Krzysztof Oleksowicz, Founder and Member of the Board, Vice-Presidents, Robert Kierzek and Krzysztof Soszyński, Members of the Board, Wojciech Twaróg and Tomas Kastil, and also Wojciech Aleksandrowicz, President of the Board of ILS.

The Exhibition Fair of Spare Parts, Tools and Garage Equipment has been organized since 2002. The first edition of the Expo was organized as the Inter Cars Motor Show and was located in the Logistics Centre of Inter Cars in Cząstków Mazowiecki, nearby Warsaw. For all these years the event changed its venue several times, and also the form of the exhibition – starting from a small home fair organized in the company’s warehouse, ending with a great show, which fills in the whole area of the PGE National – one of the most modern multifunctional objects in Europe and in the world.

– For almost 20 years we have been an ATR member. This was where I learned from German colleagues that they are organizing a Hausmesse – home fair. I understood that to the home fair you invite your customers and suppliers. During the fair the suppliers had a chance to meet their direct customers. Our first EXPO took place in the warehouse and that was a truly home fair. The suppliers had their booths of size 3×4 metres, 4 chairs and that was all. Today we can see how this has changed – some of the suppliers have their booths on the area of even up to several hundred square metres, with impressive constructions and innovative solutions. The difference in comparison to the German fair is that we additionally deliver special sporting attractions for our customers. Our long-standing passion has been motorization, so during the Expo our Customers are given an added value in the form of an extensive artistic programme and a huge doze of positive adrenaline resulting from motor sport. It is a great show, combined with an evening feast – said Krzysztof Oleksowicz – Founder and Member of the Management Board of Inter Cars.

Marine segment
The conference started with information about segments existing in Inter Cars. Each of them was or is developed individually.
– For the moment we have 10 segments in the Group, in which we are operating. We are realizing the strategy of becoming a leader in each of them, in every market. Huge diversity of the market segments decided about it. This is because each of them requires a different pricing and marketing strategy. We are also entering the marine market. Of course in Poland the market is much limited, but in Croatia, Italy, Greece these are very interesting markets – said Maciej Oleksowicz.

Though the segment of spare parts and products for the market of boats, yachts, sailing boats and motor boats in Poland is not much developed, The Board of Managers of the Company believe that entering the markets of Southern Europe can bring a lot of advantages.
A lot of hopes are also bet on the market of spare parts for agricultural machines. The Company plans to obtain a strong position in agro market in Poland and transfer the know-how to other countries.

Such diversification of operations requires the Board of the Company to delegate some of responsibilities to competent and trusted employees. For this reason each of the departments is managed by an experienced segment manager, responsible for development of portfolio of his department.

– Very often we call them the Bis Board. Segment Managers feature freedom of action and trust from our side. Such a cooperation results in increases, which Inter Cars records year by year – this is how Maciej Oleksowicz presented each of the Segment Managers during the conference.

Keeping the leading role in the country and development of consecutive markets
Currently Inter Cars has 482 branches, 234 of them in Poland, and 248 abroad. The Company plans include further openings in the country. The Company wants to keep realizing the policy of delivering necessary products to mechanics in the shortest possible time – so that the goods are closest to the Customer.
– It is true that in Poland it will be harder to grow, but looking at the import of used cars, we are calm. We have plans for opening other locations in Poland. We want to be present in all towns with population of more than 20 thousand – said Wojciech Twaróg.
As regards the foreign markets, currently one can find Inter Cars branches in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Estonia, Moldova, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Czechia. First outlets are also to be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Greece. Other destinations are also planned.
– We have an idea for other countries, but we shall be informing about them after a business plan has been created and such a daughter company established. Without opening new markets, we still have a lot of place for development in all segments – said Tomas Kastil.

Very important generation change
A challenge for the Company and the whole automotive industry is the ongoing generation change. Educating new generation of mechanics, responsible for taking over existing garages and keeping them working well, is one of the main tasks to be realized. Inter Cars tries to address the problem of finding qualified employees with its „Young HR” programme, within which the Company connects the most important suppliers with high schools, educating future mechanics.
– We are trying to support and fill in the gaps which appeared in the vocational training system. We have created and are constantly developing the „Young HR” programme. As at today, there are 20 schools involved in it. In the school year 2016/2017 we delivered 150 trainings in those locations. We want to promote the job of a mechanic among young people – said Robert Kierzek.
It is worth noticing that the Company is involved not only in preparing young people to the job of a car mechanic, but also in further development of competence of those already experienced ones, who are constantly encouraged to participate in a wide range of trainings.

Promising future
Besides the previously mentioned matters, there were also questions of development of other segments in Poland discussed during the conference, including the body parts segment. In order to make it possible, for the needs of this operation, a warehouse in Czosnów has been adapted, as after opening the ILS European Logistics and Development Centre in Zakroczym it got more power to process the body parts.
– Warehouse in Zakroczym has full operational capacity. All the construction processes are practically finished. The whole operation of opening the logistics centre has been one of the biggest in the history of the Company and now one can surely say that the logistics in the nearest future shall not be a barrier for development of Inter Cars – said Wojciech Aleksandrowicz, President of the Board of ILS, a company from Inter Cars Group.

Internet sales generate other opportunities for the development of the Company. In this regards the development and expansion of Motointegrator will be very important, allowing individual customers find suitable services and garages and make an appointment there. We are also planning to sell a chosen product range, e.g. car accessories and motorbike accessories on-line.
All these elements make the future of Inter Cars Group really promising. The Company is planning the sales revenue in 2020 to grow up to PLN 10 bn from almost PLN 6 bn in 2016.

– We are one of the key players of the market. First 7 companies on the European market have only 12% of market share. This shows that there is still a lot of space for development. Currently not the size of the company is important, but its efficiency – said Vice-president of Inter Cars, Krzysztof Soszyński.

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