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Inter Cars SA to największy dystrybutor części zamiennych do samochodów osobowych, dostawczych i ciężarowych w Europie Środkowo – Wschodniej. Oferta spółki obejmuje również wyposażenie warsztatowe, w szczególności urządzenia do obsługi i naprawy samochodów oraz części do motocykli i tuningu.

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Bio Service

At the Bio Service booth one will be able to learn a lot about good practice, propagating eco-friendly approach among customers and business partners of the project.

Visitors to the Expo will have a chance to broaden their knowledge on the environment protection or segregation of waste generated during their business activity. It will also be a chance to find out what legal obligations, resulting from local and European law regulations, are in force or will be introduced soon, as well as – what can be the consequences resulting from not obeying them.

Not everybody knows that environmental protection is not only proper waste management, but also a number of obligations associated with air pollution emission, water and waste management, or deadlines for sending proper reports.

At the booth one will find representatives of law advisers, specialising in environmental protection and occupational health, whom one will be able to ask all the problematic questions. Moreover we have invited companies dealing with waste and cooperating with Bio Service project in Poland. On a daily basis they have contact with various problems on management of waste generated in daily operations of a company. Because of this they shall provide practical knowledge, advice and interesting information.

Moreover, visitors to the 16th Inter Cars Expo will have an opportunity to learn that implementing requirements regarding environment protection on wastes management is not so difficult. As a part of the Development Zone, Bio Service will show how does a garage meeting the requirements on waste management look like, which should not be afraid of any control from Voivodeship Environmental Protection Inspector. Every guest will also be given a small gift.

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