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Inter Cars SA to największy dystrybutor części zamiennych do samochodów osobowych, dostawczych i ciężarowych w Europie Środkowo – Wschodniej. Oferta spółki obejmuje również wyposażenie warsztatowe, w szczególności urządzenia do obsługi i naprawy samochodów oraz części do motocykli i tuningu.
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Expo for professionals

16th Expo of Spare Parts and Garage Equipment will be held between 22 and 24 September at the commons of the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw.


Friday perfect for discussions.

Following good practice from previous years, Friday shall be a media day, for the representatives of media and professionals. On this day, it is much quieter and calmer in the expo tents, that is why it will be easier to have direct conversations at the booths of our Exhibitors. Many of them will have interesting product news and even premieres.


All the biggest and most important manufacturers and suppliers from passenger cars market and heavy goods vehicles market will be present at the Expo. This year the exhibition will be divided into segments. There shall be such segments as:

  1. Trainings and garage chains. Outside the tents there will also be two Show-Cars available for the visitors.
  2. Commercial Vehicles Market with a dedicated Show Car
  3. Tuning and suppliers
  4. Wheels and tyres with suppliers
  5. Garage equipment with suppliers
  6. Body parts with suppliers
  7. Accessories with suppliers
  8. Lubricants with suppliers
  9. Private brands (including Intermeko-Laboratory)
  10. Batteries
  11. Exhaust system including MotoRemo
  12. Inter Motors – motorbikes and bike accessories with suppliers
  13. Hot America
  14. Bio Service
  15. Feber Sp. z o.o.
  16. Lauber Sp. z o.o.
  17. Q-Service Truck Sp. z o.o. with Isuzu
  18. IC Premia Cash

Attractive new topics for the Customers will be: Electronic financial services for Customers of Inter Cars and favourable financing of garage equipment.

Link to the list exhibitors


Heavy Duty Zone

Preparing a separate HD zone was mainly due to convenience of owners and employees of companies and garages from this segment of the market. Thanks to such solution they will be able to find in one place the booths of all the suppliers, without the need of looking for them among huge number of other booths. The zone shall also hold a separate part for product offer for agricultural vehicles and another one for Q-Service Truck garage chain.


JJust like each and every year, we are preparing a wide offer of trainings by the suppliers of Inter Cars SA in the Conference Centre. It will be a perfect chance to take advantage of free of charge technical trainings offered by spare parts manufacturers. Moreover in the expo tent in the training zone the Customers shall be delivered detailed information on Inter Cars trainings, as well as about the Young HR programme and Young Car Mechanic and Master Mechanic Contests.

The list of trainings available soon

Inter Cars Motor Show

Indispensable part of the Expo is an additional place with attractions. After a break we are getting back to the concept, which in previous years was very popular among the visitors. Many people in our company are motor sport hotheads, and that is why we are giving you a possibility of meeting strong personalities of motor sport disciplines. This year you will see racing drivers, drifters, moto cross riders, FMX, Globe of Speed and many other interesting names, that you have not seen before at our motor show! Follow us on FB and YTB


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